Bodhi: Bodhi 3.1.0 released

Special instructions

  • The Alembic configuration file has changed to use the Python path of the migrations.
    In order to run the new migrations, you should ensure your alembic.ini has
    script_location = bodhi:server/migrations.

Dependency changes

  • The client formally depends on iniparse now. It needed this before but the dependency was
    undocumented (ddf47eb).
  • Bodhi no longer uses or requires webhelpers. RSS feeds are now generated by feedgen, a new
    required dependency.
  • Bodhi no longer uses or requires bunch.


  • The CLI now prints a helpful hint about how to use koji wait-repo when creating or editing a
    buildroot override, or when a query for overrides returns exactly one result (#1376).
  • Bodhi now uses connection pooling when making API requests to other services (#1753).
  • The bindings now conditionally import dnf (#1812).
  • It is now possible to query for Releases by a list of primary keys, by using the querystring
    ids with the releases/ API.
  • Builds now serialize their release_id field.
  • It is now possible to configure a maximum number of mash threads that Bodhi will run at once,
    which is handy if the new Pungi masher has been mean to your NAS. There is a new
    max_concurrent_mashes setting in production.ini, which defaults to 2.
  • There is now a man page for bodhi-clean-old-mashes.
  • The documentation was reorganized by type of reader (14e81a8).
  • The documentation now uses the Alabaster theme (f15351e).
  • The CLI now has a --arch flag that can be used when downloading updates to specify which
    architecture is desired (6538c9e).
  • Bodhi’s documentation now includes an administration section which includes documentation
    on its various settings (310f56d).


  • Bodhi now uses the correct comment on critical path updates regarding how many days are required
    in testing (#1361).
  • All home page update types now have mouseover titles (#1620).
  • e-mail subjects again include the version of the updates (#1635).
  • The bindings will re-attempt authentication upon captcha failures (#1787).
  • The formatting is fixed on mobile for the edit/create update form (#1791).
  • The “Push to Stable” button is now rendered in the web UI on batched updates (#1907).
  • Do not fail the mash if a changelog is malformed (#1989).
  • bodhi-dequeue-stable no longer dies if it encounters updates that can’t be pushed
    stable (#2004).
  • Unreachable RSS Accept-header based redirects were fixed (6f3db0c).
  • Fixed an unsafe default in bodhi.server.util.call_api() (9461b3a).
  • Bodhi now distinguishes between testing and stable when asking Greenwave for gating decisions
  • The CLI now renders the correct URL for updates without aliases (:commit:caaa0e6e).

Development improvements

  • The database migrations are now shipped as part of the Python distribution
    (#1777 <>_).
  • The developer docs pertaining to using virtualenvs have been corrected and improved
  • The tests now use the BaseTestCase, which allows them to pass when run by
    themselves (:issue:1817).
  • An obsolete mash check for symlinks was removed (:issue:1819).
  • A mock was moved inside of a test to avoid inter-test dependencies (:issue:1848).
  • Bodhi is now compliant with flake8‘s E722 check (:issue:1927).
  • The JJB YAML file is now tested to ensure it is valid YAML (:#1934).
  • Some code has been prepared for Python 3 compatibility (d776356).
  • Developers are now required to sign the DCO (34d0ceb).
  • There is now formal documentation on how to submit patches to Bodhi (bb20a0e).
  • Bodhi is now tested by Fedora containers in the CentOS CI environment (36d603f).
  • Bodhi is now tested against dependencies from PyPI (1e8fb65).
  • The development.ini.example file has been reduced to a minimal form, which means we no longer
    need to document the settings in two places (2b7dc4e).
  • Bodhi now runs CI tests for different PRs in parallel (6427309).
  • Vagrantfile.example has been moved to devel/ for tidiness (21ff2e5).
  • It is now easier to replicate the CI environment locally by using the devel/
  • Many more docblocks have been written across the codebase.
  • Line test coverage is now at 93%.

Release contributors

The following developers contributed to Bodhi 3.1.0:

  • Alena Volkova
  • Aman Sharma
  • Caleigh Runge-Hottman
  • Dusty Mabe
  • František Zatloukal
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Ken Dreyer
  • Lumir Balhar
  • Martin Curlej
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Pierre-Yves Chibon
  • Ralph Bean
  • Ryan Lerch
  • Randy Barlow

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