Julita Inca Chiroque: LinuXatUNI held last meeting of the year

The local Linux community in Lima, Peru held the last meeting today sharing a breakfast. Peruvians usually take “chocolatada” (made with chocolate and milk) with paneton for Christmass holidays, and we are not the exception. Thanks to the LinuxFoundation we have new jackets, scarves and vest branded with the LinuxFoundation logo.

After having our breakfast, instead of hacking, we interacted through a work group “Linux” dynamics to strong the relationship among the participants. They are students from different universities: PUCP, UNMSM, UNI, UTP and UNAC in the picture! 🙂

The games table were followed by a physical contact and coordination as a group. We needed a big space to support the game, so we did not have other choice than the streetThanks so much to all the students that have participated as LinuXatUNI during this year, and in previous rounds. Special thanks to students from UNMSM: Martin Vuelta and Fiorella Effio for their support during this year as well as Toto and Solanch. PUCP students which helping us for four years in a raw: Giohanny Falla and Fabian Orccon 😀I am extremely grateful for the support of the Linux Foundation, GNOME, Fedora, BacktrackAcademy and LinuXatUNI work members for outreaching Linux newcomers.

 You can see more pictures here!
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Original article title: Julita Inca Chiroque: LinuXatUNI held last meeting of the year.
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