ConnectSense Debuts New HomeKit-Compatible Smart In-Wall Outlet

Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show that’s set to take place next week, ConnectSense has introduced its latest HomeKit-compatible product, the Smart In-Wall Outlet.

ConnectSense first released a HomeKit-enabled dual-plug Smart Outlet back in 2015, and is now following it up with an in-wall version.

The Smart In-Wall Outlet is installed in a home in place of a traditional outlet, allowing anything that’s plugged in to be controlled via the ConnectSense app, the Home app, or Siri, much like other homeKit products.

Fans, lights, and other appliances can be plugged into the Smart Outlet, which is designed to connect to a home’s Wi-Fi setup. There are two connected outlets available, each of which can be controlled individually. The outlet offers a quick and easy way to make any product smart, and it provides power monitoring features along with plug detection.

ConnectSense says that in addition to in-home use, the Smart In-Wall Outlet is designed to operate in commercial environments like office buildings, airports, universities, and more, with both 15A and 20A options available.

The Smart In-Wall Outlet will be available for purchase later in 2018. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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