Bodhi: Bodhi 3.3.0 released


  • Test gating status is now polled whenever an update is created or edited (#1514).
  • Check the state of updates when they are missing signatures during bodhi-push (#1781).
  • There is now a web interface that displays the status of running composes (#2022).
  • There is now an API for waiving test results (d52cc1a).
  • Update states are now documented (6f4a48a).
  • Testing documentation was written (f1f2d01).
  • A man page for bodhi-expire-overrides was written (e4402a3).
  • A man page for bodhi-manage-releases was written (84d0166).
  • Update status and request fields are now indexed for more performant searching
  • updateinfo.xml now includes the severity level on security updates (8c9c1bf).
  • Only request the global_component field for critpath PDC lookups (46f3588).
  • Newer updates are checked first by bodhi-check-policies (c894255).


  • Ensure that issued_date and updated_date are always present in metadata (#2137).
  • A link describing ffmarkdown syntax was fixed (70895e5).

Development improvements

  • Some validation code was cleaned up to share code (9f17b6c).
  • The database now has a content type enum for containers (#2026).
  • Docblocks were written for more code.


The following developers contributed to Bodhi 3.3.0:

  • Matt Jia
  • Jonathan Lebon
  • Yadnyawalkya Tale
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Till Maas
  • Ken Dreyer
  • Randy Barlow

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