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I was recently going through few of the Farma Street articles and I landed up on the article about how to read a book where they basically describe on how to read which type of books, there are few books to be gulped, some books to be chewed and others to be digested. This basically signifies the intensity and the level of awareness to have when you are reading a book. I have read a few books which can be gulped but the open organization is one of those books that I wanted to chew on, I wanted to learn about how you can build an ecosystem where people are free to voice their opinion where failure is be worn as a badge of honor for trying. This book filled me with the thought of how would it be if an organization is really an Open Organization.

There are a lot of beautiful anecdotes that I came across and a lot of values that were given in the book to think up on. The book talks about Purpose and Passion, the people specially us Millenial we have been spoiled to an extent that we actually don’t run after money but after a purpose after a problem. We don’t mind work crazy number of hours and being paid peanuts but we do care about people, we care about how are we treated, we care about the problem we are after. There is one of the quotes in the book which says Basis of loyalty is a common purpose and not economic dependency. A lot of people I know believe in this when you unite with an organization which is after the same problem as you are it’s a match made in heaven. The book talks about Passion, the passion about doing good, making a dent in the universe, but sometimes you realize Universe doesn’t give a damn .

One of the most amazing analogy is when the book compares a structure of an organization with the web architecture which is end to end and not center to end. Where there is no center point of control but there should be a center point of co-ordination. The organization is lead by leaders it select, where Meritocracy is the idea behind every decision.

The other idea that was completely new to me was the difference between Crowd-sourcing and Open-sourcing, to be honest I have not thought open source to be a business model until the recent past. The thing with the wisdom of the crowd is it works amazing when the work can be easily disagregated and individuals can work in relative isolation. I love the point in the book that talks about the members of the organization should be inspired by the leader and not motivated, motivation is something they already have and that is the reason they are joining your organization. I lover his idea a lot because I have seen people complaining about there employees being not motivated enough I doubt that is a reason.

“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.” – Simon Sinek

I really enjoyed the way the power of purpose is put into the book. The other idea was the idea of Meritocracy being introduce to me, I got know merit means having an amazing idea and idea being the sole reason of doing a certain action. Better ideas win, they are questioned and that is how innovation happen in the organization. People debate over it question it trash it. People just don’t settle for something to avoid conflict and that is what the culture that has creeped in the organization where people don’t give way to debates just to avoid conflicts so that everyone remains happy. It was so amazing to read those stories where someone thought out of the box and wanted to bring a new way of doing things and how he needs to convince everyone that this is the right way of doing things, give it a try.

This book tarnishes the belief of hierarchy and brings the limelight to the lateral structure and let people know that conventional way of running an organization might have to upgrade to a newer version.

I got a lot of amazing ideas and to be honest I got to know how a person in an organization to be treated, I was awestruck with the insight that has been in the book. Wish someday I could mold an organization in this way. Theories are always romantic, hope the execution and implementation is beautiful as well.

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