Bodhi: Bodhi 3.6.0 released


  • bodhi-monitor-composes has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please
    use bodhi composes list instead (#2170).

Dependency changes

  • Pungi 4.1.20 or higher is now required.
  • six is now a required dependency.
  • Skopeo is now a required dependency for Bodhi installations that compose containers.


  • The UI no longer lists a user’s updates from retired releases by default (#752).
  • The CLI now supports update severity (#1814).
  • There is now a REST API to find out the status of running or failed composes (#2015).
  • The CLI now has a composes section which is able to query the server to display the status
    of composes (#2016).
  • Bodhi is now able to identify containers in Koji (#2027).
  • Bodhi is now able to compose containers (#2028).
  • There is now a cache_dir setting that can be used to direct Bodhi where to store a
    shelve while generating metadata (9b08f7b).
  • There is now documentation about buildroot overrides (3450073).
  • Bodhi will now include RPM changelogs in e-mails (07b27fe).
  • Bodhi’s update e-mail now instruct dnf users to use the --advisory flag
  • A new wait_for_repo_sig setting will allow Bodhi to work with signed repodata


  • Bodhi will not reopen VERIFIED or CLOSED bugs anymore
    (#1091, #1349, #2168).
  • Bugzilla tickets will no longer get too much text inserted into their fixedin field
  • The CLI --close-bugs flag now works correctly (#1818).
  • Fix ACL lookup for Module Packages (2251).
  • Captcha errors are now correctly noted on cookies instead of the session, which was incompatible
    with Cornice 3 (900e80a).
  • The prefer_ssl setting now properly works (9f55c7d).

Development improvements

  • Uniqueness on a release’s branch column was dropped, since container releases will likely use the
    same branch name as RPM releases (2216).
  • Bodhi now learns the Pungi output dir directly from Pungi (dbc337e).
  • The composer now uses a semaphore to keep track of how many concurrent composes are running
  • CI tests are now also run against Fedora 28 (#2215).
  • Bodhi is now up to 98% line test coverage, from 95% in the 3.5.0 release.
  • It is now possible to run the same tests that CI runs in the Vagrant environment by running
  • The Bodhi CLI now supports Python 3 with 100% test coverage.
  • The Bodhi server also now supports Python 3, but only has 78% test coverage with Python 3 as many
    tests need to be converted to pass on Python 3, thus it is not yet recommended to run Bodhi server
    on Python 3 even though it is theoretically possible.


The following developer contributed patches to Bodhi 3.6.0:

  • Lumir Balhar
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Mattia Verga
  • ClĂ©ment Verna
  • Pierre-Yves Chibon
  • Jan Kaluza
  • Randy Barlow

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