Bodhi: Bodhi 3.6.1 released

Bug fixes

  • The update template no longer crashes on locked updates (#2288).
  • Do not cache calculated libravatar links (#2289).
  • Warm the release cache at startup to avoid intermingled queries (#2296).
  • Warm the home page cache at startup to avoid slow responses and intermingled queries
  • Interpret the dogpile.cache.expiration_time as an int instead of a str
  • Do not cache the Koji latest composes (#2301).
  • Do not require the web server to have Pungi installed since it does not use it (#2303).


The following developers contributed patches to Bodhi 3.6.1:

  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Randy Barlow

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Original article title: Bodhi: Bodhi 3.6.1 released.
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