Alberto Rodriguez (A.K.A bt0): FLISoL 2018 Mexico report

In Mexico the Fedora Project has at least 2 events listed as follow:

The Rule

Located in the heart of the downtown in the Mexico city, “El Rule” is a cultural center with a vast quantity of activities, this year was a one of the most publicized FLISoL organizers in the city.

The Fedora Project was present with one of the most prominent and famous Fedora Ambassadors in México: Efren Robledo  (A.K.A Sr. Kraken). During the event, he promote the Fedora Linux installation and generating strong ties of friendship with other communities like Mozilla Mexico, Red Hat Mexico, OpenSuse and more.

At the same time, but far far away:

Toluca Institute of Technology

in the Toluca Institute of Technology (spanish) ,  Alberto Rodriguez (A.K.A bt0dotNinja), gave a talk about Fedora how to use fedora for developing and one workshop introducing Python and why the Fedora is a Python centric Project.

the git repository of the talks and workshops are here:

Cheers 🙂

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Original article title: Alberto Rodriguez (A.K.A bt0): FLISoL 2018 Mexico report.
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