Adam Young: Minicom to a Juniper SRX-220

Cluster computing requires a cluster of computers. For the past several years, I have been attempting to get work down without having a home cluster. This is no longer tenable, and I need to build my own.

One of the requirements for a home cluster is a progammable network device. I’ve purchased a second hand Junper SRC22.


Juniper SRX 220

Juniper SRX 220

Here are my configuration notes.


To start, I needed a Get console cable. RJ456 on one end, serial port on the other…excpet I don’t have any more serial ports on my workstations, so an addtional USB to Serial port cable to connect to that.

Console Cables

Yeah, just get a USB to RJ45 Console cable. But don’t expect to be able to buy one at your local office supply store.

Configure Minicom

<preclass>sudo minicom -s

pick A


poweron SRX220

Can’t login

Reset root password

push and hold recessed “config” button until status turns Amber

hit spacebar.
hit spacebar
boot -s
configure shared
set system root-authentication plain-text-password

Got this error

root# commit
 [edit interfaces]
 HA management port cannot be configured
 error: configuration check-out failed

Delete Old Interfaces

SRX cluster

<iframe class=”wp-embedded-content” data-secret=”rIhAM5nmRI” frameborder=”0″ height=”329″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ sandbox=”allow-scripts” scrolling=”no” security=”restricted” src=”” title=”“SRX cluster” — Tech Notes /” width=”584″></iframe>

delete interfaces ge0/0/6
 delete interfaces ge0/0/7

 commit complete

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