Bodhi: Bodhi 3.8.0 released


  • Container releases may now have a trailing “C” in their name (#2250).
  • The number of days an update has been in its current state is now displayed by the CLI
    (#2176 and #2269).
  • Composes are no longer batched by category (security vs. non-security, updates vs. testing)
    as this was not found to be beneficial and did slow the compose process down (68c7936).
  • A fedmsg is now transmitted when an update’s time in testing is met (99923f1).
  • New states for updates that are related to side tags have been documented (d7b5432).


  • Bodhi no longer considers HTTP codes > 200 and < 300 to be errors (#2361).
  • Do not apply null Koji tags to ejected updates during compose (#2368).

Development improvements

  • The container composer has been refactored to use a cleaner helper function (#2259).
  • Bodhi’s models now support side tags, a planned feature for an upcoming Bodhi release
  • Compose.from_updates() returns a list in Python 3 (#2291).
  • Some silliness was removed from the universe, as bodhi.server.models.BodhiBase.get() no
    longer requires a database session to be passed to it (#2298).
  • The in-memory dogpile cache backend is used for development by default (#2300).
  • The CI container no longer installs Pungi, which speeds the CI testing time up (#2306).
  • Dropped support for str arguments from util.cmd() (#2332).
  • Python 3 line test coverage has increased to 85%.

Server upgrade instructions

This update contains a migration to add two new updates states for side tags. After installing the
new server packages, you need to run the migrations:

    $ sudo -u apache /usr/bin/alembic -c /etc/bodhi/alembic.ini upgrade head


The following developers contributed to Bodhi 3.8.0:

  • Mattia Verga
  • Eli Young
  • Lumir Balhar
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Ralph Bean
  • Paul W. Frields
  • Randy Barlow

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