iOS 12 Concept Augments the World With New 'Siri Sight' Mode

Just one week before Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, where the company is expected to introduce iOS 12, several graphic designers have created their own fanatical concepts.

The latest comes from Michael Calcada, a fourth-year design student at York University and Sheridan College in the Toronto, Canada area.

Calcada’s concept envisions several changes and additions to iOS, including an all-new “Siri Sight” augmented reality mode with overlays of useful information on stores, restaurants, transit stops, landmarks, and other points of interest, in addition to timely information such as road closures.

“As I believe augmented reality is a technology that will be fundamental to the future of digital interaction, I integrated AR into the core of the iOS experience, providing new innovative and intuitive ways to interact with your digital and physical worlds at once,” said Calcada, who shared his video with MacRumors.

Calcada’s concept also envisions grouped notifications, a notification dot in the status bar, more granular controls in the default Camera app, a systemwide dark mode, FaceTime group chats, improved volume controls, and a general makeover to iOS that has some promise, even if it is not entirely realistic.

Any improvements to Siri would be welcomed, as multiple reports have suggested that Apple’s assistant has fallen behind its rivals, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. A recent survey also found early adopters of the iPhone X to be impressed with all of the device’s major features, except Siri.

In terms of the expanded augmented reality capabilities, they could be be better suited for iOS 13, as rumors suggest Apple will release at least one iPhone with a triple-lens rear camera system in 2019. The triple-lens array would reportedly enable both expanded zoom and 3D sensing for augmented reality.

As with most concepts, this one is unlikely to look like Apple’s actual version of iOS 12. But with only a week remaining until the WWDC keynote, which MacRumors will be attending, it’s fun to look at fan-made mockups.

Stay tuned to MacRumors for live, on-scene coverage of the WWDC 2018 keynote on Monday, June 4, beginning around 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time.

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