Infinity and Zero Update

There is a little bit of update that I will write about infinity and zero. Some of my previous articles might have stated the wrong explanation for multiplication and they will be fixed. It not really wrong but just a little bit off in the wording.

Most mathematicians agreed that infinity multiply by zero is not a zero because infinity is not a natural number. However, in my theory, that is wrong.

When I explain multiplication, I explain multiplication as “A zero value sum to the value of the first number a number of times that is defined by the value of the second. If there is a third number then a zero value sum to the equation result of the first two numbers a number of times that is defined by the third number.”

I will skip the fourth, the fifth number, and so forth but the explanation above is understandable. If you put the above in context if an infinity number multiply by a value of zero then the equation will produce a zero value as the result value. From the context of my explanation, the equation will be something like this: “a zero value sum to an infinite value 0(A number of times that is defined by the second number) times”. From that context, if Zero sum to anything zero times then the result of that can only be a zero value. It does not matter if the number had one, two, three, or an infinite amount of digits. In this circumstance, if we put zero as the first number then a zero value will sum to a zero value an infinite amount of times. In that case, it does not matter how many times that equation goes on, in the end, the result can only be a zero value.

Something similar will also apply to any numbers(including infinity) multiply by an infinite amount of zeroes. In that case, if we are sure that the infinity of zero number only holds the digits zero then it does not matter how many zeroes there are, the value of all the zeroes combined can only be a zero value.

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