Jonathan Dieter: Locks in the classroom – 2018

For the sixth year now, our grade nine students have been doing 3D modeling using Blender. We ran late this year, but the final locks were finished a couple of weeks ago, and they’re finally ready for publishing. As this is my last year in the school, this will most likely be the last of this series of posts. So, with no further delay, here are the top models from each of the three grade nine classes (click on the pictures for Full HD renders).

First up is a lock on a cash-laden safe

Lock by Najib – CC BY-SASource


Simple and pleasant to look at

Lock by Joelle – CC BYSource


This next one is nicely integrated into the background

Lock by FadySP – CC BY-SASource


Another safe, but why is my picture in it?

Lock by Univirus – CC BY-SASource


Excellent choices in his textures

Lock by Abi Haidar – CC BYSource


I think this padlock is wearing camo

Lock by Buhler – CC BY-SASource


I like the color choices in this lock

Lock by Joanne – CC BY-SASource


The attention to detail in this is impressive!

Lock by S. Moon – CC BYSource


The next question is… Why?

Lock by Diab – CC BYSource


Excellent use of physics to make the chain hang over the edge of the table

Lock by Abi Hachem – CC0Source


And, finally, a video of a swinging lock that makes excellent use of Blender’s physics engine!

Youtube video

Lock by Hadi – CC BYSource

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