Fedora Community Blog: FPgM report: 2018-31

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Inspired by bex’s “Slice of cake” updates, I present to the community this report of what has happened in Fedora Program Management this week. Next week is Flock in Dresden. I hope to see you there!


  • Software string freeze was July 31. The deadline for translations is August 28.
  • Supplemental Wallpaper submission period ends August 7.
  • Code testable deadline is August 14.
  • Code completion deadline is August 28.


Submitted to FESCo

Approved by FESCo


The numbers below reflect the current state of Bugzilla tracking bugs. This list may contain abandoned changes and will be cleaned up in the coming weeks.


Prioritized Bugs

See the wiki for a full list of prioritized bugs and the process.


  • 1563674 — Nautilus silently fails to delete non-empty directories on Samba share


  • 1573873 — Cogl/Clutter does not support 10-bit depth colours making some Gnome applications unusable
  • 1098749 — new-kernel-pkg needlessly adds LANG= to boot options

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