Praveen Kumar: [Event Report] DevConf India-2018

This week I got a chance to attend Devconf India which held at Christ University Bangalore. As per stats, there were around ~1323 attendee and 110 speakers. There were around 14 parallel tracks (Agile, Blockchain, Cloud and Container, Community, Design, Developer Tools, DevOps, IOT, Machine Learning, Middleware, Platform, QE, Security, Storage) and BOFs, workshops so pretty much completely packed schedule.

Day 1 started with a dance performance by university students and after that the keynote by Ric Wheeler about “Open source is better for companies/businesses, communities and developers” and he talked about back in the day how things used to happen and how far we have come now in terms of software businesses. He also talked about the why nowadays most of the organization are moving toward Open Source.

After the keynote, I went to booth area where most of the communities booth were present (Fedora, Foreman, OpenShift, Sliverblue, Women who code, RDO, Mozilla, ElasticSearch, devopedia, Ansible) and spent some time answering some OpenShift related queries by participants.

After the tea break, I went for my workshop, which was about “Getting start with OpenShift using MiniShift”. I shared the stage with Budhram and we had Anjan Nath, Jatan dedicated volunteer for this workshop (Thanks guys.). We got around 38 participants and everything went smoothly except some of the issues with the windows users due to expected reasons (no admin permission on system and C: drive was not used). We explained the basic navigation of OpenShift web UI, how to use Openshift client (oc) tool to connect to a cluster, how to deploy an application. We also covered some of the basic of kuberentes resources.

After Lunch I spent most of the time roaming around the booth area, talking to different people. Met with a lot of old friends as usual.

Day 1 end with the keynote by Karanbir Singh (kbsingh) about “Open Source won”, he talked about the phase when Indian Linux group was started and now it’s very hard to find any organization which is not consuming an opensource project.

Some of us went outside for dinner and back early to hotel to get some rest  🙂

Day 2 started with the keynote by Christian Heimes about “Lessons about security”, he talked about a bit of Roman culture and how information saved in old days. He talked about recent hardware vulnerabilities and why you should always keep your software up to date especially the security fixes.

After the tea break, I went to volunteer Baiju workshop, which was about “ RESTful API Development using Go”.  There were around 40 participants and most of them were familiar with the golang. Baiju started with a simple http server and then how you can build up your route on top of it without using any kind of framework to teach the logic what happens behind the scene. He then introduced a module `mux` which is used to filter out the request type (GET, DELETE, POST …etc.) so that if a route only serves one request type then other should be ignored for it. He also talked about `negroni` for middleware use case.

 Then I attended a talk by Graham about “Data science in the cloud using Python”, he talked about how you can deploy Jupyter notebook on Openshift for personal use or even share it to other colleagues/friends in the organization.

Day 2 ended with thank you note for all the organizers, volunteers, college faculty members, housekeeping staff and whoever involved making this conference success.

Kudos to organizers and volunteers to pull off such an amazing conference.

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