Patrick Griffis: Easier Flatpak manifest editing with VSCode

As flatpak-builder has gained numerous features over the years it
is easy to not remember every single property and it becomes a bit
of a chore to keep running man flatpak-manifest.

So over a year ago I wrote a JSON Schema
for manifests but after doing so I never ended up actually using it since I
found editor support to be lacking and Python libraries for validation gave
useless output when I tried to add support to GNOME-Builder.

Lately I’ve been using VSCode and it happens to expose some configuration
for schema files. The main problem we have is that flatpak manifests do not have
a custom file name or extension so all automatic schema association fails.
(I have proposed .flatpakmanifest in the past but nobody seems interested.)


The most simple method to use a schema in VSCode is this custom property in the manifest itself:

    "$schema": ""

If you want to keep the manifest clean of non-standard properties like that
you set these properties in your workspace (YAML support is from redhat.vscode-yaml extension) :

    "json.schemas": [
            "fileMatch": ["*.json"],
            "url": ""
    "yaml.schemas": {
        "": "*.yml",


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Original article title: Patrick Griffis: Easier Flatpak manifest editing with VSCode.
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