Christian Dersch: Fedora at FrOSCon 2018 – Event report

As every year, FrOSCon took place in Sankt Augustin (near Bonn) at last weekend of August (25th/26th), which is one of Germanys biggest FOSS events. Of course, Fedora should not miss such an event. Therefore a team of Fedora ambassadors and other contributors joined the event to present Fedora: Aleksandra Fedorova, Raphael Groner, Till Maas and me.

Fedora booth at FrOSCon

We presented Fedora 28 Workstation running on a laptop, showing the latest Fedora experience, as well as a Raspberry Pi 3 running Fedora, controlling the vehicle it is mounted on. In addition we provided some Fedora swag, including stickers, pens, the nice “Fedora loves Python” flyers and the Fedora Workstation beginners guide. In case of the beginners guide, we learned, that there are still many people who do not feel that comfortable with English language and would prefer a local (in this case german) translation to get started. In general, people gave good feedback on Fedora 😉

Raphael, Till and Aleksandra

Aleksandra and Till are local Fedora ambassadors, therefore especially Aleksandra promoted the recently founded Fedora User Group NRW at FrOSCon to get in touch with more people and find new members.

Me and Aleksandra, Fedora Raspberry Pi vehicle on the right
FrOSCon 2018 was another successful FOSS event, we met many Fedora users, hopefully have some new users now and also met developers of other projects like Rust and openSUSE.

See you again at FrOSCon in 2019 😉

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