Bodhi: Bodhi 3.10.0 released

Dependency changes

The composer now requires hawkey.

Server upgrade instructions

This release contains database migrations. To apply them, run::

$ sudo -u apache /usr/bin/alembic -c /etc/bodhi/alembic.ini upgrade head


  • It is no longer an error if a developer tries to create an override for a build that already had
    an override. Instead, Bodhi helpfully edits the old override automatically (#2030).
  • The UI displays the date that expired overrides became expired (#2136).
  • Security updates now require severity to be set (#2206).
  • The Waiver UI now gives the user more context (#2270 and #2363).
  • The CLI can be used to edit Release mail templates (#2475).
  • A new clean_old_composes setting allows admins to disable the automatic compose cleanup
    feature that was new in Bodhi 3.9.0 (#2561).
  • The API can filter releases by state (beb69a0).
  • The CLI now has a --debug flag on a couple of commands (1bd7617).
  • The bindings have some debug level logging when retrieving Greenwave status (b55fa45).
  • The UI now makes it clear that only authenticated users can leave karma on updates
  • Bodhi can now manage Flatpaks (1a6c4e8).
  • Bodhi now ships a /usr/bin/bodhi-skopeo-lite, which is intended to be an alternative for use
    with the skopeo.cmd setting. It allows for multi-arch containers and Flatpaks to be managed by
    Bodhi (a0496fc).
  • The composer now uses librepo/hawkey to do much more extensive testing on the produced yum
    repositories to ensure they are valid (7dda554).

Bug fixes

  • More space was added around some buttons so they don’t touch on small screens (#1902).
  • The bodhi releases subcommands no longer prompt for password when not necessary
  • The submit feedback button now appears on low resolution screens (#2509).
  • Articles were fixed in a tooltip on the update page (075f8a9).
  • The CLI can again display missing required tests (cf75ff8).
  • Fix a failure that sometimes occurred when editing multi-build updates (d997ed4).
  • Unknown Koji tags will no longer cause an Exception when creating new updates

Development improvements

  • Line test coverage has reached 100% (2477fc8).
  • A fake Pungi is used in the Vagrant environment to speed up vagrant up (1b4f5fc).
  • No tests are skipped on Python 3 anymore (44d46e3).


The following developers contributed to Bodhi 3.10.0:

  • Anatoli Babenia
  • Clement Verna
  • Mattia Verga
  • Owen W. Taylor
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Pierre-Yves Chibon
  • Ralph Bean
  • Rick Elrod
  • Vismay Golwala
  • Randy Barlow

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