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Hello and welcome to yet another installation of Heroes of Fedora! In this post, we’ll look at the stats concerning the testing of Fedora 29 Beta. The purpose of Heroes of Fedora is to provide a summation of testing activity on each milestone release of Fedora. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Updates Testing

Test period: Fedora 29 Beta (2018-08-28 – 2018-10-09)
Testers: 141
Comments1: 1044

NameUpdates commented
Pete Walter (pwalter)188
Dmitri Smirnov (cserpentis)186
Martti Kuosmanen (kuosmanen)73
Björn Esser (besser82)42
Kamil Páral (kparal)38
Charles-Antoine Couret (renault)36
František Zatloukal (frantisekz)32
Nie Lili (lnie)30
Piotr Drąg (piotrdrag)26
Adam Williamson (adamwill)26
Peter Robinson (pbrobinson)25
Hans Müller (cairo)24
Chris Sandler (chr77)13
Parag Nemade (pnemade)11
Raphael Groner (raphgro)11
Mohan Boddu (mohanboddu)10
Randy Barlow (bowlofeggs)10
Paul Whalen (pwhalen)8
Ankur Sinha (ankursinha)7
Peter Smith (smithp)7
Nicolas Chauvet (kwizart)7
Miro Hrončok (churchyard)7
Firas Dieter Nuwayhid (nomos)7
Kalev Lember (kalev)6
Chris Murphy (chrismurphy)5
Matthew Miller (mattdm)5
Basti Endres (sedrubal)5
Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain)5
Nathan (nathan95)5
Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh)5
Vitaly Zaitsev (xvitaly)4
Lukáš Růžička (lruzicka)4
Robert-André Mauchin (eclipseo)4
Julen Landa Alustiza (jlanda)4
Kevin Fenzi (kevin)4
Mairi Dulaney (jdulaney)4
Brent Baude (baude)3
Davis Alvarez (davisclick)3
Eduardo Santiago (santiago)3
Bruno Goncalves (bgoncalv)3
Alessio Ciregia (alciregi)3
…and also 96 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 118 reports combined!


1 If a person provides multiple comments to a single update, it is considered as a single comment. Karma value is not taken into account.


Validation Testing

Test period: Fedora 29 Beta (2018-08-28 – 2018-10-09)
Testers: 16
Reports: 561
Unique referenced bugs: 20

NameReports submittedReferenced bugs1
pwhalen1671624652 1629378 1630443 (3)
lruzicka1151628192 1628495 1628497 1630384 (4)
lnie291541599,1537586,1619007 1541599,1537586,1619007,1629444 1592686 1629544 1629551 1631217 (6)
alciregi241628495 1631015 (2)
kparal221628497 1628525 (2)
frantisekz131576903 (1)
satellit131558671 1561766 1631920 (3)
adamwill101628495 (1)
mohanboddu5none (1)


1 This is a list of bug reports referenced in test results. The bug itself may not be created by the same person.


Bug Reports

Test period: Fedora 29 Beta (2018-08-28 – 2018-10-09)
Reporters: 303
New reports: 664

NameReports submitted1Excess reports2Accepted blockers3
Kamil Páral195 (26%)0
lnie196 (31%)0
Niki Guldbrand190 (0%)0
Adam Williamson172 (11%)6
Christian Stadelmann151 (6%)0
Chris Murphy140 (0%)0
Miro Hrončok131 (7%)0
Bilal121 (8%)0
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek122 (16%)0
Lukas Ruzicka111 (9%)0
Alessio93 (33%)0
Bhushan Barve80 (0%)0
František Zatloukal70 (0%)0
Shecks70 (0%)0
Florian Weimer60 (0%)0
Mike FABIAN60 (0%)0
ricky.tigg at gmail.com64 (66%)0
sedrubal60 (0%)0
Peter Robinson50 (0%)1
Boyd51 (20%)0
Joel Stienlet50 (0%)0
lennart_reuther at web.de50 (0%)0
Leslie Satenstein51 (20%)0
Michael Catanzaro50 (0%)0
René Genz50 (0%)0
yucef sourani50 (0%)0
ardillon.42 at gmail.com40 (0%)0
izhamsaad40 (0%)0
kxra at riseup.net40 (0%)0
Marko Myllynen40 (0%)0
Menanteau Guy42 (50%)0
Michael Erwin42 (50%)0
Milan Zink40 (0%)0
Paul DeStefano40 (0%)0
Prasad J Pandit40 (0%)0
Sanne Raymaekers40 (0%)0
Sylvain Réault40 (0%)0
volodya40 (0%)0
Yaniv Kaul40 (0%)0
Zamir SUN40 (0%)0
Alexander Kurtakov31 (33%)0
Ali Akcaagac31 (33%)0
b0a387e2 at opayq.com30 (0%)0
Basil Eric Rabi30 (0%)0
Daniel Mach30 (0%)0
Ed Marshall30 (0%)0
François Perriot31 (33%)0
gedaiu30 (0%)0
Gwendal30 (0%)0
Jussi Eloranta30 (0%)0
louisgtwo at gmail.com30 (0%)0
Ludovic Hirlimann [:Paul-muadib]30 (0%)0
Lukáš Tyrychtr30 (0%)0
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky30 (0%)0
Martin Pitt31 (33%)0
Martin Stransky30 (0%)0
Michael30 (0%)0
Pavel Roskin30 (0%)0
Petr Pisar30 (0%)0
Petr Schindler30 (0%)0
Robert Moskowitz30 (0%)0
Rubén Dután30 (0%)0
Sergio Monteiro Basto31 (33%)0
snaggen at gmail.com30 (0%)0
sumantro30 (0%)0
…and also 238 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 287 reports combined!


1 The total number of new reports (including “excess reports”). Reopened reports or reports with a changed version are not included, because it was not technically easy to retrieve those. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t take the numbers too seriously, but just as interesting and fun data.
2 Excess reports are those that were closed as NOTABUG, WONTFIX, WORKSFORME, CANTFIX or INSUFFICIENT_DATA. Excess reports are not necessarily a bad thing, but they make for interesting statistics. Close manual inspection is required to separate valuable excess reports from those which are less valuable.
3 This only includes reports that were created by that particular user and accepted as blockers afterwards. The user might have proposed other people’s reports as blockers, but this is not reflected in this number.

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