Fedora Magazine: Fedora classroom: LaTeX 101 for beginners

Fedora Classroom sessions continue with an introductory session on LaTeX. The general schedule for sessions is available on the wiki, along with resources and recordings from previous sessions.

Topic: LaTeX 101

LaTeX is a typesetting system that the de-facto standard for scientific publishing. It is Free software, and enables the generation of a multitude of high quality documents. LaTeX documents are written in plaintext and compiled to DVI/PDF. This permits the user to focus on writing the text, leaving the typesetting to LaTeX.

This LaTeX 101 session is aimed at absolute beginners. So, no prior knowledge of LaTeX is required. The session will:

  • introduce LaTeX.
  • walk through writing a simple LaTeX document explaining basic commands.
  • demonstrate compiling the document to a PDF.
  • show the inclusion of references in the document from a bibliography.
  • give an example of collaborative writing using LaTeX and Git.

You will need:

  • a text editor of choice.
  • a LaTeX installation.
  • optionally, a knowledge of Git and Github would be useful.

LaTeX and Git can be installed on Fedora using dnf:

sudo dnf install texlive-latex texlive-bibtex git

For other systems, LaTeX can be obtained here.

When and where


Ankur Sinha (“FranciscoD”) is a Free Software supporter and has been with the Fedora community for the better part of a decade now. Ankur started as a font package maintainer and has since branched out to many other teams and SIGs. He uses Fedora Workstation and prefers the terminal whenever possible. Currently, he’s working on his PhD in computational neuroscience in the UK. When he has time to spare, he focuses on the Fedora Join SIG, Fedora classrooms, and  NeuroFedora. You can get in touch with him via his Fedora project e-mail or on one of the many Fedora IRC channels.

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