Sarup Banskota: [draft] Content ideas for business blogs

1. Illustrate micro-efficiencies you’ve discovered

Your tech team discovers them every day.
It doesn’t always need to be an engineering feat.
If you can process one type of complaint faster, share it.
If any team has major improvements on any KPI, share how.

2. Simplify complex, non-core business processes

If you sell finance tools, explain regulatory hurdles.
If you sell electronic gear, explain shipping related gotchas.
Protip – You can repurpose well-performing Quora answers.

3. List major business lessons you’ve learned

Lessons learned through observing customer behaviour.
Or from controversial decisions, especially those that didn’t work out.

4. Restore what has worked in the past

Use BuzzSumo to find trending articles against a keyword.
Look for older articles that performed well, then repurpose.
Personalise it, but don’t change its format.

5. Engage people through 4-part email exercises

Break a large lesson into 4 sub-parts.
Share each one with an assignment for the reader.
Release lessons with exactly a day’s interval apart.
Include assignments that encourage users to invest time.
Design rewards for these assignments, such as access to derived insights.

6. Showcase unintended use-cases

This usually manifests in at least two ways.
1️⃣ Customers use your product in ways you didn’t anticipate.
2️⃣ Some feature on your product is used less than expected.
Both make good candidates for content.

7. Write about your most difficult business experience

Maybe you were sued.
Maybe you had to admit a big lie.
Maybe you had to let go of half your team.
Maybe you had to decide against launching a big feature.
1️⃣ Explain what happened.
2️⃣ Explain why it made you stronger.
3️⃣ Explain how you’re preventing it from happening again.

8. Hunt forums for common struggles and solve them

Hang out in forums from your industry.
Look for what many people aren’t able to do.
Pay close attention if it appears to worry them.
Pay more attention if they haven’t been responded to.
For one, that’s a good indicator of a problem that needs solving.
If it’s solved, write out and illustrate the solution.

9. Make industry predictions

What types of jobs do you see going obsolete?
What types of jobs do you see getting created?
What regulations do you see changing in x years?
What strategies do you see big players taking this decade?
Nobody will remember if you get it wrong.
If you get it right, talk about it.

10. Tools that help achieve micro-efficiencies]()

You can market it as a “lesser-known secret of tool X”.

11. Curate resources, then get sources to share

Write about people you admire, then tell them.
Write about tools you use and love, then tell them.
Write about resources you learned from, then tell them.
It’s a win-win.

12. Interview makers from your curation

You wrote about tools, now interview their makers.
You wrote about resources, now interview the teachers.
You wrote about people, now interview them.
It’s a win-win.

What Maptia learnt building their entire product on the road

13. Interview customer-facing team members

That’s usually the support team.
Show a personal side to those your customers already interact with.
Also allows sharing roadmap-oriented FAQs or common recent concerns.

14. Elaborate on your frequentest asked question

Your support team knows that question any day.
Their answers are already on your CRM, in several flavours.
Now stitch together all past responses and publish a coherent story.

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