About Me

– My Mission –

To provide a quality programming blog, that can provide other programmers or other who want to learn programming with useful information.

About Me

Since when I was young, I had a lot of interest in programming. Nevertheless, as life circumstances, I couldn’t follow my choice to the end. After countless years of me had not written a code for a single program I started programming again. Just like that I recognized the value of technology and fell in love with programming, the circumstances is similar to when I was young. This time I hope I can do it better.

Much have been changing with technology, however, the concept with programming is still the same. Through the first couple months of programming, I have to search for information related to each execution task in a varies of language. Hence I realize the value of being able to access to information with ease. Hence I started this blog to showcase some of my work and samples to help other just like other that helped me through their website.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the information from this blog. I do need ideas for my blog, therefore, if you do have a problem with programming. You can leave me a comment. If I have time and capable of, I will provide you with a small framework of the program you need through my blog post.