Our websites utilize dual advertisement serving technology between banner code and text code.

Our website serves advertisement code bases on the location of your IP and the device you used to browse our website. Bases on the natural of automation we can’t guarantee all the advertisement that you may see or there will be advertisements that are available for your country. We can’t guarantee that our software will always be able to accurately calculate which country you came from bases on your IP. Our software uses Maxmind database as our main query platform, for fallback query our software uses IP2Location database.

Our advertisement serving software is in-house built and generate code from an inventory of ad code. Besides some statical ad code, you will most likely see difference advertisement every time you reload the page.

We are proud to serves advertisement from the following partners:

Desktop Advertisement:

  2. Max Bounty
  3. Share-A-Sale
  4. CPA Lead
  6. Hostgator
  7. SiteGround
  8. Semrush

Mobile Text Advertisement:

  1. A major of our text base advertisement messages for mobile browsers are from CPA Lead