function writeNestedProperty(obj, objName){
/* This sample function is written by kevinhng86 from FAI Hosting Solution.
 * A copy of this can be found on 

/* Define a name for object if there is not an input for object Name.
 * To use this function give it an object and the name of the object
    if (!objName && typeof(objName) !== "string") objName = "No Name Object"; 

    // Depend on what language you use this the line break character
    var linebreak = "<br />";
    // This is the separator between property
    var separator = " | ";
        // Writing the header 
        document.write("<b><font color=red>"+"main"+"</font></b>");
    // This is the main function that will write the information contain in the object 
    function z(obj, idx, propname){
    // This is to set the nested level of the object as 1 is the first level. This is for writing
    // When it is frist run it will set it to 1. Any subsequense run will be define below.
    if (!idx) var idx = 1;
    /* This array propname is to store the name of the object or array the script currently working on
     * This will get pass to the function when it is recursively call.
     * Else since we start at level one we have to skip the 0 position for this array.
    if (!propname) var propname = ["","main"] ;

    // First for sorting it will deal with anything that is not an object
    for (var name in obj){
        if ( typeof (obj[name]) !== "object"){
          document.write("Property Name: " + name);
          document.write("Property Value: " + obj[name]);
      //  delete(obj[name]); // Delete is unnecessary however for some other scripting language this will help rid of extra memory
          }                     // The main problem that I encounter with Javascript is when you delete an object that sent in to a function
                               // For some reason it will also delete the main reference of it. So becare full when use this
    /* After writing anything that is not an object or array.
     * The script execute a second time on anything else that is object or array.
     * For sorting purpose you can make 3 loop. 
     * Anything that is not object to run first like the above.
     * A loop for anything that is instanceof Object but not an instanceof Array.
     * A third loop run for anything is instanceof Array.
    for (var name in obj){
      if ( typeof(obj[name]) === "object" ){
           /* When an object is found within the property of the main object.
          * idx variable is increase by one to keep count of the nesting level. since this script return nothing.
            * Property name of the object currently working on is store into array propname at the position that idx defined
         idx = idx + 1;
         propname[idx] = name;
         /* This code block is for writing Nested level name  */
         document.write('<font color=blue><b>Nested level: ' + idx+ '</b></font>');
         // This below is to write the parent of the object currently working on;
         document.write('<b><font color="red">'+name+'</font> is child of <font color="red">'+propname[idx - 1]+"</font></b>");
         // If we working deep beyond the first level this will continue writing the parent of the parent of this object.      
          // We take out two level because the above already write that two level
          for ( i = idx; i > 2; i--){
             document.write('<b> is child of <font color=red>' + propname[i - 2] + '</font></b>');
         /* End writing code block */
         /* Sending this object into this function again and run it. 
          * If you been following through with what the script do until now.
          * You will know the procedure of what it is going to do
          * It will keep on doing this until there is no layer of object left.
         z(obj[name], idx, propname); 
         /* The instance the script exit from any subseqense self initialise, it will have to minus the idx count.*/
         idx = idx - 1;
} //End function z
  /* This is to initilize the call when the object first come in. */
  /* Once everything is done this script return null. This would be a void function in other language. */
  return ;

// Test case for trying out this script.
var test =  {
             this: "cool",
             me: "lovely",
             okay2: {there: "is", a: "quick brown fox", c: {abc:"abc", D: {d:"love", a: "war"} }},
             okay: {there: "is", a: "quick fox"},
             well: ["very", "abc", "def", "ghi",["viva", "okay", "notokay" ]],

writeNestedProperty(test, "test");

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