Julita Inca Chiroque: #LinuxPlaya 2017, the Fedora and GNOME fest at the beach!

Last Saturday in Lima, Peru, a group of students and, Fedora and GNOME lovers have celebrated the event called #LinuxPlaya.

Thanks to the sponsor of Fedora and GNOME, this group were able to travel from the PUCP university in Lima to the Santa Maria beach (50 Km south from Lima).

Unfortunately, at first we had problems to enter to Santa Maria beach because of the permission from the major. Having banners and balloons at pubic was not allowed in that place without authorisation. We were happy though, and then we decided to move to another beach called “La Ensenada”. People around have seen our “caravan” on streets 🙂

When we had finally arranged our place inside the Ensenada beach, we took a short break to take more pictures of the whole group. (It was quite hard to keep balloons alive at 30°).

After our little crusade, we swam at the beach and we have recharged our energies by eating a delicious “arroz con pato” with “maracuya” as a juice.

To relax, we did also a round of questions regarded the Fedora and GNOME to measure the knowledge of our participants. Each one had to answer a question and be punished if they did not answer correctly :p

Then together we did our traditional game of the rope to finally have a winner team.Then we started with the presentations of the experiences with GTK for GNOME and Fedora with ICARO and robotics.  I gave them some presents as towels and squeeze bottles

We had to wait to the sunset in order to have shadow to exchange the work of the students:I must say that I am very satisfied with the job of this group, even we did not flight the drone or not having enough battery, we had a great time and thanks so much to GNOME and Fedora for letting me price their efforts. Thanks again to Damian Nohales, Martin Vuelta and Leyla Marcelo for helping me in organising this event at the beach 🙂

The following list of participants and their posts:

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