Mary Shakshober: Summer 2017 Red Hat Intern Expo

Now wrapping up summer #2 as a Red Hat intern, the 2017 Intern Expo was a relatively familiar environment. This event this year for the Boston/Westford interns was held in the Westford office on August 17th, in the same “classic middle school science fair” manner as 2016. This year, though, I came prepared with visuals, visuals, and yes, more visuals (I’m a graphic designer, it’s in my blood)! I created a site, from scratch, that I had been working on in small bits and pieces throughout the course of the summer consisting of tutorials for getting involved in the Fedora Design-Team and Fedora-Badges groups, Fedora style basics, and a library of my entire summer of work. My original hope was to create the site using Fedora Bootstrap, but because of time constraints the static-HTML-to-Bootstrap conversion didn’t happen. Because I don’t have hosting for this site and cannot attach zip folders here, I’ve attached screenshots of the site!

My setup overall was my website running on my laptop as well as printouts of more of my print media designs for easy viewing. It was great to see a few familiar faces, to show fellow Red Hatters my adventures through Fedora designing, and to see what other interns have been up to throughout the course of the summer.

Tootaloo summer 2017 *insert a royalty wave here* 🙂


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