The Render Token

I wrote about OTOY over four years ago, in “Today I Saw The Future”. Since then, I have been inspired by the commitment of the founders Jules Urbach and Alissa Grainger to the vision that Jules enunciates:

“… to render and remix simulated reality as effortlessly as the web did for text and digital media.

Now, OTOY is building RNDR, its own GPU-cloud rendering token, to decentralize AR/VR, game, and movie rendering to over 7 million GPUs owners. The advantages of RNDR align with those of the BAT:

  1. Efficiency: Utility tokens unlock access to idle or mispriced resources, e.g., GPUs for RNDR, user attention for BAT.
  2. Fraud resistance: Tokens act as a low-fraud unit of account with payment only after blockchain-attested verification of work.
  3. Social credit: Pre-creating a pool of tokens not for sale endows users with tokens by fiat.

(A speculative technical note on efficiency: RNDR looks well-timed, in view of GPU service lifetimes, to improve efficiency further by replacing Ethereum’s Proof of Work mining jobs with rendering jobs, as I suggested on Twitter.)

Decentralized rendering requires verification of results. Tokens do not flow until the render-job’s author confirms quality of results via sampling and testing. Renderers gain and lose scored reputation based on degree and quality of jobs completed.

Decentralized rendering requires confidentiality. In one of those technological ironies for which I live, the same kind of security hardware (e.g., ARM TrustZone) created for DRM helps solve the confidentiality problem.

In my original blog posts about OTOY, I advocated watermarking as inevitable and superior to DRM. OTOY has been developing and deploying watermarking since 2009. Large shared AR/VR worlds cannot possibly “encrypt what you see” (as DRM for fixed media tries to do). Yet creators of models and art in such shared virtual worlds need effective and fair protection, as experience from Second Life shows.

Indelible watermarking is a key part of the solution. See the “Watermarking and Encrypted Escrow Transactions” section at RNDR: A Photon-Driven Economy for more details.

I’m honored to be an advisor to OTOY and RNDR. I’m thrilled by the prospects for RNDR, BAT, and other domain-specific tokens that will bind the Metaverse economy into a coherent and equitable, yet decentralized, whole. The future will be tokenized!

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