Jakub Kadlčík: RPKG guide from Tito user

Since the beginning of the rpkg project, it was known as a client tool for DistGit. Times changed and a new era for rpkg is here. It was enhanced with project management features, so we can safely label it as a tito alternative.

A features review, pros and cons and user guide is a theme for a whole new article. In this short post, I, as a long-time tito user, want to show rpkg alternatives for the tito commands, that I frequently use.

For more information about the rpkg, please read the documentation.

Cheat sheet

Tito commandrpkg alternative
tito build --srpm --testrpkg srpm
tito build --rpm --testrpkg local
tito build --tgz --testrpkg spec --sources
tito tagrpkg tag
Undo a tito tagrpkg tag -d <tagname>
Push a tito tagrpkg push
tito release <copr-releaser>rpkg build
tito build ... --installNot implemented yet
tito build ... --rpmbuild-options=--nocheckNot implemented yet

Working with last tag

You may notice, that all tito build commands in the cheat sheet table have --test parameter. That’s because rpkg always works with the last commit. So how to build a package from the last tag? We need to checkout it first.

git checkout <tag>
rpkg local

Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: Jakub Kadlčík: RPKG guide from Tito user.
This full article can be read at: Jakub Kadlčík: RPKG guide from Tito user.


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